Foster Home Contract

hereby agree to serve as a temporary foster home for the dog owned by Giselle's Legacy and known as:
By affixing my/our signature(s) to this contract (the “Agreement”), the undersigned (hereafter the use of the singular will include the plural and the plural the singular) hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions required of a Foster Family regarding a temporary foster home situation:
  • Giselle’s Legacy retains all rights, possession of and claim to the Foster Dog in Foster Family’s care.
  • Giselle’s Legacy is the sole legal owner of the Foster Dog in Foster Family’s care and Foster Family therefore cannot lay claim to said Foster Dog unless Foster Family is willing to permanently adopt the Foster Dog under the terms, conditions, provisions and restrictions established by Giselle’s Legacy, including the completion of appropriate screening and paperwork and payment of minimum required donation as may be required by Giselle’s Legacy, in its sole discretion.
  • Foster Family will provide Foster Dog with responsible, loving care, including but not limited to food, water, exercise, and shelter, as well as administer medication, if any, as instructed by an approved veterinarian.
  • Giselle’s Legacy may terminate the temporary foster home relationship at any time without cause, notice, or explanation.
  • Upon termination of the relationship, Foster Family will immediately relinquish and deliver (or make available) to Giselle’s Legacy the Foster Dog and the Foster Dog’s possessions, including but not limited to, any and all medication, supplements, medical records, information, documentation, leashes, collars, ID tags and crates.
  • While the Foster Dog is in Foster Family’s care, Foster Family understands that Giselle’s Legacy will ONLY be responsible for the following costs associated with caring for the Foster Dog: 1. Pre-approved veterinary costs at a veterinarian approved by Giselle’s Legacy, in its sole discretion. 2. Pre-approved medications necessary for maintaining good health.
  • While the Foster Dog is in Foster Family’s care, Foster Family further agrees to:
    1. 1. Return the Foster Dog to Giselle’s Legacy immediately at a location designated by Giselle’s Legacy if Foster Family is no longer able to care for him/her.
    2. Keep a Giselle’s Legacy identification tag and collar on the Foster Dog at all times (outside).
    3. Notify Giselle’s Legacy immediately if the Foster Dog becomes ill or lost.
    4. Never take the Foster Dog to an animal shelter, pound, municipal sheltering facility, or animal rescue other than Giselle’s Legacy.
    5. Treat the Foster Dog as a family member with suitable sleeping quarters inside the home, not including the garage.
    6. Keep the Foster Dog safe from harm by avoiding any and all dangerous situations.
    7. Notify Giselle’s Legacy, in writing, as early as possible (but not less than five (5) days prior thereto) of any impending vacations, long-term business trip, or of an impending move.
    8. Make the Foster Dog available for mobile adoption events on weekends so that potential adopters may meet him/her at least two times per month.
    9. Keep the Foster Dog on a leash at all times when out in public.
    10. Provide a safe and secure environment for the Foster Dog at all times possible.
    11. Keep the name of the Foster Dog the same as assigned by Giselle’s Legacy.
    12. Foster family may NOT take Foster Dog to any off leash dog park at any time.
Foster Family must IMMEDIATELY contact Giselle’s Legacy if any of the following behaviors are observed:
  • Food and/or toy guarding/aggression
  • Growling at children, men, women, or other animals in the household
  • Lip curling
  • Biting and/or nipping for ANY reason
  • Lunging at people or animals

In the event of any dispute between Giselle’s Legacy (or any of its owners, operators, managers, employees, representatives, volunteers or others affiliated with or performing services for Giselle’s Legacy, and Foster Family arising out of, relating to, or in any way involving the foster care of the Foster Dog or any other agreement made or signed by Foster Family in connection with or related to such foster care situation, such dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration before a single arbitrator designated by, and according to the Commercial Arbitration Rules (or any other Rules designed to apply to such a dispute) of American Arbitration Association at its Franklin County, TX office. The award rendered by the arbitrator in such arbitration shall be final and binding subject only to the provisions of Texas Code of Civil Procedure Section 1286.2 and may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction. The prevailing party designated by the arbitrator in such arbitration shall be entitled to recover his, her or its reasonable attorneys’ and experts' fees and costs including, but not limited to, arbitration costs, to be awarded by the arbitrator as part of any award in such arbitration.

The terms and provisions of this Agreement shall be enforced, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. Any modification to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties; signatures delivered by facsimile are binding. This Agreement is binding upon Foster Family and Giselle’s Legacy and their respective heirs, agents, successors, permitted assigns, executors, and representatives.
Giselle’s Legacy, Mount Vernon, TX 75457
Sherrie Calderon, 949-701-0889, CEO Giselle’s Legacy
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