Friendly, easygoing, handsome, 4-year-old, medium-sized, Pitbull Terrier

Why chase after stale old Netflix and chill when you can have the guaranteed lovin’ of Chooch and chill? Easygoing Chooch is a 4 year old, medium-sized Bull Terrier mix rescued from the East Valley shelter where he was a volunteer favorite and showstopper when he got out in the yard. He’s good with kids and dogs of all sizes, though he’s better off not being bullied by smaller dogs. Chooch is a lover, not a fighter.

This darling boy is friendly, playful, cuddly and social. He’s completely house-trained, well-behaved when left alone, and knows basic commands. Always the gentleman, he does well in playgroups with other dogs but he does best with those that are medium to low energy, like him. He’s a chill kind of guy, so likes to hang with other easygoing pups.

Good boy Chooch is located in the Los Angeles area, California and SO ready for his happy ever after. Send us a message to learn more or arrange a meet and greet. Chooch has the cuddles, a lifetime of love, and your spot on the couch (or on the beach) waiting.


Pitbull Terrier Mix


4 years



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