Two year old, male, Shar Pei mix

Despite his difficult beginning, this permanently playful and joyous two-year-old Shar Pei mix, is everyone’s BFF. Cats, dogs of all breeds and sizes, all creatures great and small…Peanut loves them all! His favorite breed is HUMAN. He loves affection and the joy of human companionship. Such a good boy, he was one of our the two best behaved boys chosen to appear on a news segment with us. He made his TV debut and won the hearts of everyone in studio.

Peanut is what resilience looks like. Born in an encampment where dogs were abused and bred, he seems to be adamantly joyful, no matter what. It took a heroic fighter, now his foster mama, MONTHS of fighting the city to finally get the puppies held there out. Peanut was one of them. We rescued him from the San Bernardino shelter. He busted out of the shelter the way he went in; exuberantly HAPPY!

At under 40 pounds, he’s also just the right size. He’s sweet, playful, energetic, and loves all his foster siblings. Peanut is in the Los Angeles area and ready to bring his endless rays of sunshine into your life as the newest, most fun, member of your pack!


Sharpei mix


2 years



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