Young, male, Pit Bull Terrier

Prince is a very special boy. Bought from a breeder as a gift, he was taken from his mama just barely old enough to be weaned, handed over to a couple who neither wanted nor cared for him. They did bother to cut his ears before dumping, still a puppy, to die in the shelter. He languished, alone, terrified, confused, in a steel and concrete prison, NEVER getting out, not even for a walk, for MONTHS.

When we rescued him, we were astonished at how loving and willing to love he STILL was, after knowing nothing but abandonment his entire young life. It’s a testament to the incredible heart this gorgeous young boy has that he still so desperately wants to please and love his people.

Everyone who meets him says he’s the “perfect dog.” He is friendly to friends and strangers alike, loves and plays well with other dogs. When it comes to dogs,though he’s friendly and fun, he’s a ladies man who prefers the company females. His last BFF was a senior German Shepherd he enjoyed sunbathing with.

He is an athletic dog who can play a mean game of fetch but also revels in laying out in the sun and curling up next to you on the couch.

Because he loves NOTHING more than his toys (as in he won’t even eat or go outside to play without taking his current favorite toy with him) he needs a home where the only child playing with a toy is him. If you have a heart as big as Prince’s, a good balance of structure and fun, and a kid free zone kind of life, Gorgeous Prince is THE adventure buddy you’ve been looking for.

Prince is located in Lancaster, California.


Pit Bull Terrier




Young (approximately 2)

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